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Becoming A Steelhead Trout Member

Club Membership History

The Steelhead Trout Club of Washington (STC) was founded in 1928 and like many clubs, it was founded by a few individuals with a common interest. In this case, that common interest was the steelhead.


For several years the club limited its membership to not more than 100 and was never to exceed 200. At first, its qualification for membership was for an applicant to have caught at least six steelheads. Then it was reduced to three and finally only a keen interest in steelheading as required. A $2.00 fine was imposed on each unexcused absence – three in succession without valid excuse meant expulsion. It was evident this gang was going to have dedicated workers and no drones. Membership grew rapidly.

The Club has worked hard over the last 90 years promoting, encouraging, and educating fisherman on the conservation and propagation of all sports fish and game fish with emphasis on the steelhead trout. The goal is to protect and improve the steelhead trout habitat and environment; to dissimulate knowledge and encourage outdoor life, recreation, and good sportsmanship; and to cooperate with other organizations having similar purposes.


"It was evident that this gang was going to have dedicated workers and no drones. Membership grew rapidly."

- Ken McLeod 1978

Club's Future

Our Club still supports the originals club’s mission and today we have greater challenges even to be able to fish. With more and more fishing pressure, land owners are posting their property, there is not enough public access to rivers and current accesses are being closed.


STC has a great relationship with our state and continues to support their goals and objectives and introduce them to a few of our own. Continuous involvement with them helps to insure the steelhead stocking program is here tomorrow and for future generations to come.

If we are united everything is possible at the state level and if we are not – budget cuts and programs that support the steelhead will be the first to go. Unfortunately, it’s all about numbers and numbers speak loud.


Yes, you are very valuable when it comes to making changes to your state. The best way to make our voice heard is by the collective voice with a club.

Our Voice

Stocking Program

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